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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 30, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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kaepernick's national anthem protest gets the attention of law enforcement. tonight: a bay area sheriff throws down a dare. 's christin ayers i live from the cbs 5 bay area studios this is kpix5 news. >> kpix5's christin ayers outside the alameda county sheriff's headquarters. >> reporter: tonight colin kaepernick facing a storm of criticism from groups representing law enforcement and one unique challenge from this sheriff's department. him on a ridealong with on anarchy." the >> cops are getting paid leave for killing people. that's not right. >> reporter: and 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick didn't stop there. >> you can become a cop in six months and don't have to have the same amount of training as a cosmetologist. that's insane. >> reporter: today response
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from the law enforcement community was swift. the peace officers research association called kaepernick noisy and invited him on a ride- along with police through streets that border on anarchy. the san francisco police officers association demanded the nfl apologize for the many police officers mr. kaepernick has disrespected and the alameda county sheriff's office said in a facebook post we'd like to invite you to our training have to meet with our veteran officers and trainees to talk about their experiences and yours. >> we thought maybe he was speaking without exactly knowing what was going on. so we made an offer for him to come out and talk to our academy students. >> reporter: this department is known for rigorous training. he says what kaepernick may not know is sheriff's deputies don't patrol the streets till they've had roughly two years of training and employment at the county jail. >> we would rather have mr. kaepernick come out and observe what we do.
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we could learn from him and he could learn from us. >> reporter: kaepernick has his defenders like activists with silicon valley debug. >> the issue of police brutality is ubiquitous, urgent and affects all realms of public life. >> are you going to be a person that actually goes out and does something about it or be the proverbial monday morning quarterback and criticize and do nothing about it? >> reporter: so far no word from colin kaepernick on the department's invite. the nfl also has not issued a response on that request for an apology. live in san leandro christin ayers, kpix5. >> what do you think about kaepernick's national anthem protest? well played or what a fumble. go to to weigh. in we'll have live results at the bottom of your screen.
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>> meanwhile the white house is weighing in. the press secretary had this to say. >> i certainly don't share the views that mr. kaepernick expressed after the game in explaining his reasoning for his actions. but we surely all acknowledge and even defend his right to express those views in the settings that he chooses. >> gop nominee donald trump did not mince words telling cbs radio station in seattle today, "maybe kaepernick should find a country that works better for him. let him try. it won't happen." breaking news, hayward's police chief has been placed on paid administrative leave tonight. the city manager says diane stuart is the subject of a personnel investigation, the details of which are confidential. this is video of stuart earlier this year speaking at the funeral of fallen officer scott lundgren. tonight kpix5 learned some higher-ups in the department were blindsided about the news about the chief and say it came
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out of nowhere. in the meantime captain mark kohler has taken over as acting chief of police. an l.a. woman is in a bay area jail accused of trying to sneak phones and heroin into san quentin for a friend on death row and somehow she managed to get through a met a decker. kpix5's -- metal detector. kpix5's andria borba is in our newsroom with a look at how allegedly that woman almost got away with smuggling. >> almost is the operative word. tonight there is an investigation happening into how multiple layers of security inside san quentin were beaten. a sign on the east gate of san quentin says no narcotics, but perhaps cell phones should be thrown on that list as well. it was thursday inside the walls of the marin county prison this woman, 47-year-old terry nichols, was visiting this man, bruce mill sam, sitting on death row -- millsap, sitting on death row convicted of eight murders in southern california. the pair was visiting when a guard noticed a ziploc bag in
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the trash. >> it was consistent with things we allow individuals to purchase from our vending machines. >> reporter: nichols and millsap were separated and she allegedly fessed up. prison officials found 18 smartphones, chargers and 84 grams of heroin inside nichols' clothing. >> there have been some indication she may have looked pregnant coming into the visiting room and subsequently when she removed all the items, she was no longer pregnant. >> reporter: to get inside the plexiglass visiting room, visitors must go through metal deckers and their personal effects must be scanned just like at airport. >> she was able to get all those items through there. we are evaluating how she did that and what exactly came into play that all of our mechanisms that we have in place did not catch a substantial amount of things. >> reporter: officials tell kpix5 contraband inside san quentin is nothing new. cell phones are selling for
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$1,000 apiece among inmates. as far as drugs, 84 grams of heroin in this case. there have been several nonfatal overdoses in the prison and on death row in recent years. >> it's the life blood of the gang culture inside the prison. it's what drives a lot of drama and anguish, you you know, for the people -- anguish, you know, for the people here. >> nichols is a special education teaching assistant in the los angeles unified school district and is now facing the possibility of up to four years in prison for smuggling enough heroin to deal and cell phones inside san quentin. an inmate made a brazen attempt to break out of a south bay jail but ended up injured and back in custody. authorities say this man climbed a fence yesterday outside elmwood correctional facility in milpitas. he tried to shimmy across some
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power lines before he fell. deputies noticed unusual movement on a video feed and weren't sure what they were seeing, so they enlarged the view. >> as they watched, they realized it was a person trying to breach the perimeter fences. >> deputies recaptured the inmate, sent him for medical treatment. he's expected to face a new charge for his escape attempt and tomorrow county supervisors will discuss improving the quality of cameras in the county jails. former stanford jail brock turner will be released from jail friday. in march he was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman outside of a campus party. turner served half of his six month jail sentence. his sentencing sparked outrage across the country. prosecutors recommended six years in state prison. once turner is released he will have to register as a sex offender and complete a sex offender management program. a bill that is inspired by brock turner is one step closer
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to becoming law. today the state assembly unanimously passed new legislation that will close the loophole when it comes to sentencing for sexual assault crimes. the bill insures that people convicted of sexual assault will not be sentenced to probation. donald trump held a private fundraiser in the bay area tonight. at this home of a private equity ceo in woodside you can see the big party tent that was set up outside earlier. tickets reportedly started at$25,000. a new monmouth university poll shows hillary clinton seven points ahead of trump nationwide. however, that lead decreased by six points from earlier this month. a scare at l.a.x. sends hundreds of travelers running for cover all over a plastic sword. tonight how airport officials are catching heat for how they handled it. >> why are we running? >> security said to run. >> reporter: confusion and panic sent travelers running around l.a. x., a frantic 911 call about
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8:45 sunday night was the start of a rumor about an active shooter at the airport. [ siren ] >> shooting just occurred one world way, an unknown number of shots, no suspect information. >> there was screaming around us there's a shooter, there's a shooter and everyone was starting to storm and run down the stairs. it was crazy. >> reporter: it was a false alarm, but security expert henry willis now wonders if the airport needs better protocol in place. >> people left in a chaotic fashion. they exited in some cases onto the tarmac, in other cases onto open roadways where they put themselves possibly in physical harm. that itself is a breakdown in public safety. >> reporter: an l.a.x. spokeswoman told me they plan for people to panic and expect when one person runs, others will follow. she said that's why the pledge exit doors which are not -- emergency exit doors which are not allowed to be locked set off alarms. she added the ground stops were put in place to make sure
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moving planes didn't endanger people. in the end fear, traffic and hundreds of travel delays were the worst outcome. no one was hurt. things now appear to be back to normal. this emergency alert went out to cell phones in a 5-mile radius of the airport, but it took over an hour from the initial 911 call for the alert to go out. that's because they didn't know if there was actually a threat and wanted to put out accurate information. we'll tell this is the prime suspect in a horrific case of bay area animal abuse. tonight we'll tell you what happened to a 2-year-old dog. >> former congressman anthony weiner is caught sexting again, tonight the picture that made his way of say she's had enough. >> a tron -- his wife say she's had enough. >> astronomers detected a mysterious signal from space, where scientists tonight are listening for aliens. >> grab your phone. we're jag you think about colin kaepernick's national anthem
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protest, well played or what a fumble -- we're asking what you think about colin kaepernick's national anthem protest, well played o,,,,,,,,,,,,
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remembering actor gene wilder.. who starred in so many great comedies. he has died at the age of 83. "my blanket, my blue blanket, gimme my blue blanket!" tonight hollywood is remembering actor gene wilder who starred in so many great comedies. he's died at the age of 83. >> my blue blanket. give me my blue blanket. >> movies like his break- through role in the producers and while they're often play panicky characters caught up in crazy schemes, he teamed up with director mel brooks on young frankenstein and blazing saddles. wilder was married to gilda radner until she died of ovarian cancer. gene wilder died from complications of alzheimer's disease. tonight mel brooks tweeted gene wilder, one of the truly great talents of our time. he blessed every film we did with his magic and he blessed
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me with his friendship. a dog burned death. investigators believe it was no accident. tonight kpix5's joe vazquez reports a bay area couple faces animal abuse charges. >> reporter: this was sprocket in better days. investigators believe stifle sometime after -- sometime after this photo was taken sprocket was killed by his owner's boyfriend. the man dipped the dog in some sort of scalding hot liquid that left 3rd-degree burns over 40% of his body. sprocket died in may. chowder is in oregon faced with charges. the couple told investigators it was an accident, that they spilled hot water on the dog while he was in his crate, but an expert strongly disagreed. >> the forensic vet said it was
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not consistent with an accident. >> reporter: you might be wondering how they can be so sure. the injuries were not on top of the dog like if there was an accidental spill. >> the burns were on the lower half of the body, lower 40% of the body. >> reporter: there's no way to spill on the lower 40%. >> according to the expert, no. it was intentional. >> reporter: in burlingame joe vazquez, kpix5. >> sprocket's owner shelly bujan was charged with failing to provide protection of an animal in her care. she's out on bail. disgraced former congressman anthony weiner is caught up in yet another sexting scandal tonight. this time his wife said shell has had it. >> reporter: -- she has had it. >> reporter: top hillary clinton aide huma abedin announced she's separating from her husband anthony weiner. this involves yet another sexting scandal involving sexually explicit text and
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photos the former new york congressman sent to another woman last year. he sent a picture of him in his underwear with the couple's toddler sitting next to him. anthony and i remain devoted to doing what is best for our son who is the light of our life tweeted his wife. weiner's trouble date back to 2011 and led to his resignation from the congress. in an abandoned bid for new york city mayor in 2013, gop presidential candidate donald trump praised abedin's decision and then used the scandal to attack clinton. >> huma abedin has access to classified information. how hillary got away with that one, nobody will ever know, but to think that it's very likely that much of this information anthony weiner would know about. >> reporter: trump offered no evidence to support his claim. >> i would suggest it has no bearing on the clinton campaign. >> reporter: clinton herself has not commented on abedin's
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personal matter. with the new school year comes some new rules at sanford about drones. the university says anyone not connected to the school is no longer allowed to fly a drone over campus. the point is to keep the sky clear for helicopters that bring patients to the university's hospitals. from now on faculty and students who want to use drones must get special approval. the new restrictions at stanford came the same day new nationwide rules went into effect. for example, a commercial user must keep a drone visible to the naked eye at all time. is e.t. trying to phone home? that's what some scientists are trying to figure out now after a mysterious signal from a distant star was reported. betty yu takes us inside the search for extraterrestrial intelligence in mountain view. >> reporter: these giant antenna located about 300 miles northeast of san francisco are searching for e.t. in the constellation hercules
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seen here on live camera and astronomers at the study institute in mountain view are trying to make sense of the data coming in. >> tonight we'll be very systemic checking in the entire radio dial over which the russians claim to have found the signal. if the signal is still there and it's real, we have a good chance of finding it tonight. >> reporter: the senior astronomer says his team is investigating whether that mysterious and powerful signal from a star system could be intentional. researchers in russia claim they came across it last year, but bay area scientists started buzzing about it this weekend after it became public in a blog. if scientists pick up that extra energy on a radio dial. >> all we'd know is there's somebody in this case that's 95 light years away who has a radio transmitter. so we're not the only kids on the block. there's something else intelligent out there. >> reporter: that's what could also very well be interference from earth.
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if it doesn't happen this time around, he says he knows it will happen in the not so far future. >> we're here in the silicon valley and as a result, the equipment we're using is improving very quickly just like your laptop get better every couple years. our experiments get faster with time, too. so that's why i bet everybody a cup of star bucks we'll find e.t. in two dozen years. >> reporter: in mountain view betty yu, kpix5. back on earth did you see the sunset tonight? fantastic lighting up twitter and facebook. that was on my twitter feed earlier tonight, great shot of great colors in the sky coming from a hurricane about 1,000 miles away, hurricane madeline, and some of the clouds from that made it here giving us this gorgeous sunset and a tiny chance of lightning overnight tonight. kpix5 hi-def doppler is showing some showers offshore. i'm not expecting rainfall, but anywhere in the north bay may be seeing a few lightning strikes overnight tonight. minimal chance, but some of
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that tropical moisture is on its way here. san francisco 60 degrees currently, oakland 64, everybody low 60s, san jose 63, concord 63 degrees. tonight cloud cover moving in, a little milder, 57 in fremont, oakland 58, san rafael, san francisco 57 degrees overnight. what's going on? hurricane madeline is only 500 miles away from the big island where a hurricane watch is in effect. it's way down here. watch as the northern fringe of the storm, there's clouds and tropical moisture pulled off making its way all the way to the bay area. that's why we had cloud cover in the afternoon and why we had that gorgeous sunset and why there's that minimal chance of thunder and/or lightning overnight tonight in the north bay. as this moisture moves through, a 10% chance of dry lightning which would be horrible for our fire danger. tiny chance, but it's is there. we may see blue sky in the afternoon in san francisco, 66 degrees your afternoon temperature, not hitting 70
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once again. 75 in fremont tomorrow, 86 in concord, napa 86, mountain view 78, san jose 82 degrees and san rafael, your high 80, everybody right around or a couple degrees cooler than average. extended forecast, as we say hello to september where it is supposed to warm up, the first couple days only mid-60s near the bay, low 80s inland, some signs we'll see more significant warming next week. gorgeous sunset from a hurricane. kind of strange how everything ties together. i like it, though. bay area businesswoman aking out - over well, this is what pure joy looks like. tonight why this bay area businesswoman is freaking out over lebron james. >> here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces furniture. we asked you earlier to weigh in on colin kaepernick's protest. lots of you have weighed in tonight, the live results at the bottom of your screen. it is running 73-27% right now. a san francisco businesswoman scored an endorsement from nba star lebron james. her reaction? "yolanda's >> yea! oh, my god! >> yolanda jones won lebron's contest for small business owners. yolanda founded yolanda's construction, administration and traffic control. her company trains people from the bayview and hunter's point to direct traffic at
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construction sites. yolanda submitted this 23 second clip to lebron. her goal, to give people living in impoverished communities a chance to earn a decent living. >> it was a matter of somebody introducing the community to the source, you know. here's the flaggers from the community. here's the job. now let's work together and it's been a win/win for everyone. >> the endorsement could be worth up to $10,040,000. >> good for lebron. that's -- up to $140,000. >> good for lebron. that's somebody making a difference. jim harbaugh, the man who drafted kaepernick, weighs in on the 49ers quarterback coming on the 49ers quarterback coming up. ,,,,,,
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. ed him, coached him, and gave him the starting job >> colin kaepernick's anthem gate has drawn opinions nationwide. jim harbaugh drafted him, coached him, gave him the starting job, but the mission coach doesn't agree with him. >> i acknowledge his right to
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do that, but i don't respect the motivation or the action. >> harbaugh later clarified himself on twitter saying, "i apologize for misspeaking my true sentiment. to clarify i support colin's motivation. it's his method of action that i take exception to." radarraiders coach jack del rio said the decision to sit through the national anthem reflects on the organization, not as an individual. >> for us you represent our organization and our organization believes that, you know, you should pay respect to the flag. so save those individual decisions to express yourself for an individual forum. national anthem in ts had the n >> 49ers take on the chargers thursday night on channel 5, national anthem included. the giants had the night
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off. they host the arizona diamondbacks tomorrow night. they'll be in an awfully good mood, dodgers facing the rockies in rainy california. bottom of the 7th dj lemahieu rips a line drive to the right off the base of the bottom of the wall. one run scores. here comes cave man. here comes the throw. here comes caveman. he slides. he's safe and rockies beat the dodgers 8-1. what does it all mean? the giants are now 1 1/2 games back of the dodgers two games up in the wildcard. yosemite sam alive and well in houston. a's on the road, alexberg wren bergr -- alex ,,
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monday is in the books. it's all downhill from here. late show with stephen colbert
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is next. >> we're out of the gate. our next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30. morning at 4:30. have a good night! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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